Introductory telephone and internet calls
(e.g, Skype, Facetime, Voxer, WeChat, Viber)
15-20 minutes – prior arrangement required
no fee

Individual client consultations
$150 per hour

Diagnostic assessments typically costs between $750-$1200 depending upon complexity of assessment and report writing required. An Agreement to Terms and Conditions (including cancellation policy) and a Consent Form is signed prior to the assessment appointment.

Usually, the client or the client’s family pays fees. Sometimes it may be possible to request funding from an employer if difficulties are being experienced at work.

Company clients
$600 per half day (4 hours)

Fees for workshops, training programmes, diagnostic assessments, and report writing will vary and be specified in Terms and Conditions prior to commencement of services.

For further information regarding fees for specific services, please contact me.